Beyond Financial Crisis: Saving Your Relationship from Bankruptcy  

Ending a relationship can be devastating. Some relationships must come to an end because of infidelity, lack of communication. Some relationships end because the priorities of either or both parties have changed, or simply because of losing interest in the relationship itself. Ending an abusive relationship of any form however, is a different story altogether.  

If you are in an unhealthy relationship that involves physical abuse, for example, you don’t need to wait for those reasons to finally decide to break free. Trust me, you’ve already had unanimous votes to end the relationship the moment it started.

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There are other reasons why relationships fail, and it’s not because of lack of knowledge. At some point, we refuse to see the evident signs that it’s not healthy anymore and accept the fact that the relationship is going down the wrong track, and sooner or later it will fall apart. Read how an article from Bustle discusses when it’s time to move on. 

Another alarming common reason why relationships fail is because of money issues.  Financial differences are becoming the leading cause of marital separation in most countries. These differences may eventually lead to developing trust issues, insecurities, or fear that may result to outrageous behavior.  

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Before you decide to take that path and let go of a precious relationship, or if you don’t want to end up signing those divorce papers, think of how you and your partner can deal with money issues. Seek advice from family or professionals to help lighten any financial crisis.  

There are available institutions that are willing to help guide you in your financial dilemmas, such as money lending firms like A1 credit. These money lenders in Singapore are here to assist you with your needs.

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They offer professional and legal advice so you can start saving your struggling finances by contacting financial advisors with whom you can discuss your situation and how you can get through financial issues, and maybe even save your relationship. 

There are no formulas on how to save a financially challenged relationship, but there are ways to avoid making it one. 

Sit, Talk, and Listen 

You’re partners for God’s sake, so talk it over, be open, and discuss your situation. Communication is the key to any relationship. Start by telling your partner your financial status and how you plan on going through it together.  

List Down the most Important Things 

Even if you’re not a big fan of it, now is the right time for you to practice the art of budgeting. Collect reading materials where you can learn this art, like this one from My Money Coach. List down all the important things that need immediate attention.

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Ditch any habit that you think are not worthy of your money such as movie or music subscriptions, frequent fancy dinners, and basically anything else you think you can do without for a while. Also avoid credit cards and other forms of loan that are unnecessary (this is often referred to as using ghost money or using money you don’t have). Instead, use cash for all your transactions as much as humanly possible.  

Think Before You Spend 

Since you no longer have the luxury of buying anything you want, keep in mind that impulsive buying is a big NO moving forward. Spend every penny wisely. Take a list with you when you do your grocery shopping and stick to your budget. If possible, walk instead of wasting gas on short trips around the neighborhood. Besides, it’s a great way to be fit. 

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Be Open about How You Feel 

During these tough times, emotions tend to be overwhelming and can sometimes lead to misunderstanding. One way of avoiding a breakdown is by sharing your feelings to your partner, friends, or support groups that you think might help to ease the burden you’re carrying, or the dilemma you’re in. 

No Pointing of Fingers 

Never ever start blaming anyone or yourself for your current position. Doing so will only worsen the situation and will only leave you frustrated. Instead, make use of this time to strengthen your relationship with your partner and family. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Ask around for any possible solution that can potentially help your chances of reviving your finances.  

Say No tMore Debt 

There will be a time when you just want to give it all up and care less. But whatever you do, never put yourself in another debt. Take control and always keep in mind why you need to say no to other debts. 

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Fighting over money is something that can be avoided. Don’t allow any crisis, including financial, affect your mutual relationship by keeping in mind that family is more important than monetary value.